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Discover the perfect centrepiece for your dining area with our exquisite selection of dining tables. Whether you're hosting intimate gatherings or large family dinners, our curated collection offers a range of styles and sizes to suit your needs and personal taste.

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  • Granary Turned Dining Table-product

    Granary Turned Dining Table


  • Granary Dining Table Set-product

    Granary Dining Table Set


  • Granary Butterfly Dining Table-product

    Granary Butterfly Dining Table


  • Chestnut Butterfly Dining Table-product

    Chestnut Butterfly Dining Table


  • Live Edge Collection Dining Table-product

    Live Edge Collection Dining Table


  • Live Edge Collection Bench-product

    Live Edge Collection Bench


  • Live Edge Large Dining Table-product

    Live Edge Large Dining Table


  • Stamford Plank Collection Dining Table-product

    Stamford Plank Collection Dining Table


  • Lucia Collection Dining Table-product

    Lucia Collection Dining Table


  • Lucia Collection Round Dining Table-product

    Lucia Collection Round Dining Table


  • Extendable Butterfly Dining Table-product

    Extendable Butterfly Dining Table


  • Chestnut Dining Table-product

    Chestnut Dining Table